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BMO Harris Bank, N.A. is a U.S. bank stationed out of Chicago, Illinois. It participates as a member of the Federal Reserve System, while operating branches in individual states.

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Tenant Description

BMO Financial Group was established in the historic Montreal of 1817. Today, they are still considered throughout the United States and surrounding countries to be a premier provider of financial instruments, even with names have changed slightly over the years.

BMO Harris Bank is listed in the New York Stock Exchange as BMO, and features a commercial team of bankers with a sole market focus in the United States. Leading in both local and middle market sectors, they offer financial expertise through a variety of different partnerships including BMO Private Bank. BMO Private Bank caters to higher net worth customers to average consumers, offering a world class suite of managerial wealth tools.

BMO recently announced in 2011 that the acquiring of Marshall & Ilsley Corporation (M&I) was completed. At that time, Harris bank and M&I proceeded to form a merger and created the now BMO Harris Bank N.A., a part of the original BMO Financial Group. Then in October 2012, the merger was successful, with all branches beginning operations under the name BMO Harris Bank.

From consumer banking products and proprietary financial solutions, they now operate approximately six hundred branches and roughly 1300 ATMs throughout the states of Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Florida, and Arizona.

Whether it be everyday banking, to investing and insurance, BMO Harris Bank has continued to lead the forefront as advisors in all matters of business and finance. They serve a mixture of executive, personal, and commercial clients. It is no surprise they have grown to become one of the most sizeable banking companies in the mid-western United States.

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