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Storefront Example

NNN RaceTrac

Gainesville, GA


Brand New Construction. 7.5% rental increases every 5 […]




Storefront Example

NNN Stripes

San Antonio, TX


Corporately guaranteed by publicly traded company, Energy Transfer […]




Storefront Example

NNN 7-Eleven

Waco, TX


Leased to 7-Eleven (S&P: AA-). Zero landlord responsibilities. Texas […]




Storefront Example

NNN Racetrac

Tampa, FL


10% rental increases every 5 years. Corporate Guaranty by […]




Storefront Example

NNN 7-Eleven

Murrieta, CA


Zero Landlord Responsibilities and Corporate Guarantee. Strategic Retail Location […]




Storefront Example

NNN 7-Eleven

Crowley, TX


2,600+/- SF Building on .54+/- Acre Site. 10% Rent […]




Storefront Example

NNN 7-Eleven

St. Louis, MO


No Landlord Responsibilities. Offer Beer and Wine. Located […]




Storefront Example

NNN Circle K

Decatur, IL


10% fixed rental increases every 5 years. Investment […]




Gas Stations for Sale

NNN investments are becoming increasingly popular, and gas stations are a great option for those looking to invest in this type of property. 

Gas stations offer stability and security, which is why they're a good investment choice during times of recession. They're also resistant to inflation, making them a wise investment for the long term. In addition, gas stations have low maintenance costs, making them an easy investment to manage. 

For gas stations for sale, gas station values typically increase as the gas market grows. Gas station owners have the opportunity to make more money by raising gas prices or selling gas at higher rates, which is an attractive option for investors who want to earn returns on their investments. 

In addition, many factors make gas stations a good NNN investment, they're recession-proof, they provide safety from inflation, and gas stations have low maintenance costs.

What Makes Gas Stations a Good NNN Investment Option?

One form of company that is frequently highlighted when investors explore fresh prospects for triple net lease properties is a gas station. The finest commercial real estate leases entail long-term connections with firms that are recession-proof, which means they will always be required regardless of the status of the economy. As a result, petrol stations are an excellent investment option.

Location, kind of business, and lease term are just a few of the reasons why gas stations for sale and C-stores for sale are excellent NNN investment opportunities.

The perfect home for sale would be in a location that is easily accessible and has a lot of traffic. Typically, this entails a corner lot. It should also be located in a burgeoning region of town, allowing more consumers to flock to the area during the course of the lease.

In difficult economic circumstances, landlords often seek a tenant who will not default on a long-term lease. Grocery stores, dollar stores, medical offices, petrol stations, and convenience stores are examples of companies that can commonly weather economic turbulence.

Furthermore, customers require gas stations, and if they are located in a desirable location, they are an excellent option for a long-term lease.

Gas station NNN contracts often last 10 to 25 years and provide financial advantages to both the landlord and the tenant. While each lease is tailored to the specific circumstances of the property, many of the costs associated with NNN leases are often passed on to the tenant. Property taxes, insurance, repairs, and maintenance are all included. 

This sort of lease allows investors to focus their efforts elsewhere, such as on other properties or projects they are involved with. Because most expenditures are passed on to the tenant, there are fewer unexpected expenses for investors with NNN leases. Their NNN property will also provide them with a steady stream of revenue.

Most real estate investors fail to generate predictable cash flow.

NNN Deal Finder is helping investors find stable, long-term NNN Lease investments from reputable brands with less risk and more reward.

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