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From demand from our clients we attached a copy of a sample LOI Template (LOI) Many instances our properties tend to sell very fast, even less than an hour!  Here is a tip: Shoot first, then aim later. If a property hits most of your high points, move to lock it up first with an LOI rather than over-analyzing then losing the property when ready to pull the trigger. This is not only critical for 1031 exchanges but investors seeking to buy a good deal. Our LOI form is very simple but we are available to walk you through offers and to submit them to owners when you are ready.

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Tenant Report Cards: We broke down the top National and Popular Tenants in the country and provided you detailed reviews and lease analysis, giving you the insiders advantage of the Net Lease Market.

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Net Lease Investing Book:

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Net lease properties or other wise called “Mail Box Money”, a highly sought for investment that many investors never even heard about. This type of investment, once you fully learn what it is really all about, you will be wondering why you haven’t got involved in them before. For those who want to be a truly passive, lazy investor who likes to receive checks in the mail and for others wire transfers, this book is for you. Without any landlord responsibilities or having tenant headaches mail box money real estate not only provides peace of mind but eliminates the mass amount of experience and education required compared to other forms of investment real estate.

Real Estate Mail Box Money covers the exact system and proven strategies of Triple Net Lease (NNN) Investing. In a triple-net lease, the tenant pays all the operating expenses including property taxes, utilities, insurance premiums, maintenance and repairs. The landlord gets to collect monthly net rental income just as he or she would with a traditional real estate investment. Most of these leases usually extends over the long term, with a financially strong corporate entity guaranteeing a lease anywhere from 10-25 years.

You will also learn: What are the top tenants to own now and which ones to avoid, How to properly analyze a triple net lease and what you should be aware of, How to effectively choose your team to make triple net lease investing easy, Tips and strategies for 1031 tax exchanges, How to build wealth tax free using a self directed IRA, Creating a life long nest egg for your heirs for years to come!

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