In recent years, both Wendy’s and Arby’s had completed a merger (2008) which impacted the quick service restaurant industry considerably. Perspectives on leasing agreements were changed along with new management teams at the helm of the newly formed Wendy’s/Arby’s Group. Typically, lease terms are twenty year with four separate 5 year options to renew, alongside ten percent rent increases every five years. With varying franchise owners and operators, agreements are also variable depending on sales figures and creditworthiness. Building structures will naturally feature a drive through window with overall dimensions averaging four thousand square feet in size. Lot sizes tend to range between one half to one acre.

Lowest Cap Rate


Lowest cap rate over past 24 months

Average Cap Rate


12 mo avg with 5+ yr lease term

Average Property & Lease
Average Sale Price $2,250,000 - $4,000,000
Average NOI $100,000 - $175,000
Building SF 3,000
Lease Term 20 Years
Escalations 10% Every 5 Years
Stock Symbol NASDAQ:WEN




Tenant Description

As a famous name in fast food, Wendy’s/Arby’s Group, Inc. is an industry-leading QSR (quick serve restaurant) and developer of all new Wendy’s and Arby’s locations throughout the United States. They currently rank as the third largest fast food restaurant chain, trailing only to McDonald’s and Yum! Brands.

Back in 2008, Wendy’s International and Triarc Companies (Arby’s parent corp.), also known as Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. (ARG), would franchise their combined restaurants in operation going forward.

With an ever-delightful assortment of fast food burgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, salads, and wraps ready made for customers, their entire menu offerings including children’s menu and delicious desserts.


With construction of new franchises, Wendy’s maintains profitability from various sources, including direct from corporate-owned properties, franchisee promos and bake sale products, advance franchisor premiums whenever new stores open, and royalties received throughout their franchises.

  • NNN leases with healthy rent increases
  • Branding and marketing boosts revenues
  • Availability of higher capitalization
  • Lack of sales figures in some cases
  • Performance reviews required on franchises
  • Sales figure reviews needed on varying properties
  • Credit non-investor graded
Founded 1969
Headquarters Dublin, Ohio
Number of Locations 6,711
Revenue $1.96 B
Company Website https://www.wendys.com
Key Principal Todd A. Penegor

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